Usefless was made out of cardboard thrown out by the shops in our neighbourhood. Thousands of boxes are thrown out every week. In London, people live and work in flats and offices that also feel (and often look) like people-boxes. With a box-cutter and 30,000 staples, I transformed the rectangular boxes into spirals and curves that flowed up and over the walls. Musicians improvised from inside of boxes at the opening event. Surreal cardboard creatures banged heads and swayed inside their cardboard womb.

“USEFLESS is a site-specific installation prized from the warped imaginations of Valentin Manz, Emma Tornero and Chin Keeler, in which childhood innocence is fused with maudlin, macabre mythology. Both horrific and humorous, USEFLESS  !

Peepholes reveal a number of secret chambers containing Angelina Schweinskopf’s past life regressions.

Recycled trash such as electrical wiring and severed dolls limbs;

Ultrasonic alien space helmets plus spiritual icons captured in open-heart surgery;

The tangled colons of robots without homes;

Baby rats singing hip hop classics and Elvis songs;

Mermaids burnt to a crisp by Poseidon after eloping with pearls stolen from his underwater lair;”

is a rat of a dream of a slice of a brain

is a dream of a brain of a slice of a rat is